The thing about the microphone is that you have to make sure it’s actually on… so yeah.

So part two is packed with some really important parts of the modeling process. And I would have loved it if everyone was able to experience my brilliantly delivered commentary throughout my two hour stream, but alas it was not meant to be. In this live stream I covered how to add a lattice modifier to create the bend in the katana, how to use booleans to block in the complex patterns in the tsuba (hand guard), and most importantly how to achieve the complex, and accurately wrapped, tsuka-maki (hilt wrapping). I double checked everything before I went live. I was positive that all my settings were pristine, but for whatever reason I still missed something and my audio wasn’t recorded. It’s teaching me to have a whole new level of humility and respect for people who stream a lot online because it really is a very involved process to make sure everything is prepared. Much more intimidating than doing a pre-recorded tutorial because, well let’s face it, it’s live! So I felt really upset and really bad about the missing audio, but because I still think there is some really useful things you can walk away with in this stream I’m posting it anyways mistakes and all. I’ve already put some new checks in place to make sure I don’t broadcast again without the mic problems so hopefully (fingers crossed) this won’t happen again anytime soon.

Check it out, let me know what you think, and next week in part three I’m going to jump in and really focus on the closeup details. Most of the stream will be spent doing some sculpting as I delve into adding some stylized carvings and decorations into the different pieces of the katana construction. Streams are currently scheduled every Friday at 4pm CST. After each stream they are uploaded to my YouTube channel, but I would love it if you could join me live and experience things as they unfold. I’m still not sure where my permanent streaming home will be, but I’m looking into options right now. Check the Twitter feed or on the Facebook page for up to the minute information about what’s happening and the link where you can catch my next stream. Have a great weekend, and go get unleashed!