As I reflect on today I’m reminded that sometimes you just have to celebrate the little things in life.

I thought today I would take a few minutes and just share some thoughts about where I’ve been as an artist lately. I promise to be brief. Ha.

I try to wake up every day and appreciate what is happening while it’s actually happening to me. A lot of people get so wrapped up in going through the motions and their daily routines that one day they find time to slow down enough and they realize that life has been passing them by. The day I quit my day job to do what I’m doing now I promised myself that if I was the one calling the shots that I was going to appreciate every part of this journey. And I do mean every single part of it.

Most mornings I wake up to horrific updates on my iPhone about the anarchy the world has experienced while I was sleeping. Daily life has a way of robbing us of our joy if we allow it to, but I don’t want to be one of those pessimistic people that wakes up one day only to realize that I no longer am capable of enjoying life because I have let the things around me dictate the lenses through which I view the world. The truth is every moment is a choice. A choice to be optimistic or pessimistic. A choice to be productive or lazy. A choice to be hopeful or full of fear. Or a choice to raise the bar with vigor or submit to the status quo and allow part of yourself to atrophy.

So to my future self who perhaps one day will have tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers I offer this to reflect on:

No single victory is better than any other. Each simply moves you one step further than you were yesterday.

Take time to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to be soon. You have the ability to do anything. All it takes is perseverance and a gigantic goal. And remember if you’re not scared yet then your goals aren’t big enough. Stay cool, and go get unleashed!